How to Write a Welcome Email – 5 Key Content Tips

The Perfect Welcome Email

The art of the Welcome Email

The welcome email is the most important email you will ever send to your prospects.

This initial contact is where you set the tone of your B2C relationship. The content you include will be the difference between establishing future customers and wasting both of your time.

Aside from obvious points such as mobilisation and a maximum 24 hour turn around, the following 5 welcome email tips will help you enjoy maximum retention from initial inquiries – whatever their source.

1 | Make your content specific to the consumer

Whether you obtained their email address through a mailing list sign up, promotional event or social media competition, be sure to reflect the source in the tone, introduction and content of your email.

Anticipate the varying expectations and consumer desires which their incoming source reflects and address these in your introduction. Make sure you personalise where possible and mention the incoming source also.

2 | Highlight the perks of subscribing to your content

Consumers have expressed an interest in you. Now it’s your turn to live up to that interest.

Offer some genuine value in what you send, continuing to vary your content by incoming source. Don’t just offer discount codes and vouchers but offer links to free content and additional resources – links to valuable insights only you know.

Make your leads feel special. Make their subscription seem exclusive. Make your contact irreplaceable.

3 | Set their expectations of your contact

Separate yourself from spammers by letting them know how often or when you’ll next be in touch.

This builds trust and even anticipation from your potential customers. Just make sure you stick to whatever it is you promise.

4 | Offer various other ways in which to engage with you

Ensure there is a consistent theme to your email and don’t overload them with conflicting content.

At the same time, be creative in the engagement mediums and platforms you offer. Don’t just include social media buttons but link to a specific blog post, include a free download link or highlight an upcoming event. Remember, variety is the spice of Lead Nurturing.

5 | Decide on whether to go for the ‘Double Opt-in’ approach

The ‘double opt-in’ strategy is a subject of continuing debate amongst marketers. The concept is to ask your leads for opt-in permission a second time round once they’ve already subscribed to hearing from you.

A potential drawback is a higher unsubscribe rate than if you didn’t include it (you can always minimise these by following the tips set out here), but on the other hand including a second opt-in clause will build trust and respect from your recipients. The double opt-in perk is that prospects that do not unsubscribe from further contact will be highly valuable, engaged and relevant. It’s also a good way of getting rid of no-hoper leads.


The welcome email isn’t just about saying thanks.

Picture a relationship. You’ve met once before and now you’re going on your first date. To guarantee a second date you must be a good listener, considerate and interesting. Charm never hurt anyone either.

If you’re too forward, talk about yourself too much or ignore what your date is saying, you can kiss that second date goodbye.

So don’t rush, patience is key.

For more tips on what to include in the perfect welcome email, visit our FREE MARKETING RESOURCES page for free email marketing downloads.