6 Reasons Why A Cost Per Lead Campaign Can Transform Your Business

6 reasons why a Cost-Per-Lead strategy works

Why a Cost-Per-Lead strategy works
Why a Cost-Per-Lead strategy works

Could you perform heart surgery? Could you reinvent the wheel?

For 99% of people the answer would be a resounding ‘no’. And it’s probably for the best. Some things are just better left to the experts.

B2C marketing is no different – there are some channels that flourish and others that don’t. You don’t want to gamble with your budget; you want guaranteed results and leads that convert. And that’s the business we’re in. Lifestyle Media Group (LMG) has spent over a decade separating the money-making strategies from the time-wasting ones. In short, we’ve learnt what works.

We have pioneered a sophisticated Cost Per Lead (CPL) model that has transformed the successes of thousands of global clients. Our transparency, innovative approaches and consistently high results are what separate us from the rest. And your business can experience the benefits of our promotional strategy first-hand:

  1. GUARANTEED RESULTS – you set the targets you want; you get the results you need. There’s no stepping into the unknown when you use us, you specify what’s expected from every campaign and we deliver exactly that.
  2. FLEXIBLE BUDGET – the cost of each campaign is exclusively based on the number of leads you require. This controllable spend leaves out nasty surprises, guarantees you never go over budget and ensures that no business is excluded from the benefits of specialist marketing.
  3. PIN-POINT PROFILING – our rich and diverse membership of 3 million, opted-in households enables us to segment audiences by a range of detailed demographics. These include geographical location, previous retail activity and socio-economic standing – so you are only ever promoted to the most receptive and relevant markets.
  4. REAL-TIME CONTROL – whether you release a new product or want to push a special offer, flexible promotional tools allow you to specify changes to the content and nature of your campaign as and when you need to.
  5. SELF-QUALIFIED CONSUMERS – consumers aren’t delivered to you at random, each lead you receive has engaged with your brand and taken a proactive interest in what you offer. Whether it’s by completing a form, requesting your catalogue, interacting with you on social media or signing up to your eNewsletter, leads have demonstrated a genuine interest in your product before being sent to you. This engagement qualifies them as high-value leads.
  6. BUILDING VALUE AND REPEAT BUSINESS – the details of each consumer you receive are yours to keep. This allows you to build and nurture a database of loyal, interested customers that convert not just once but again and again.

The difference between a CPL campaign and competing alternatives is the same as the difference between a scalpel and an axe; one is meticulous and precise, the other is clumsy and unrefined.

When it comes to choosing how to attract new consumers, nurture an interested audience and successfully promote your product, there’s really only one choice. Make sure you choose the one that cuts straight to the chase. Choose a Cost Per Lead campaign.