Environmental Business Practices – Our ISO Accreditation

It’s official – we’ve finally reached the next level! We’re not just a business, we’re an environmentally responsible one.

We’re happy to announce our ISO 14001 accreditation for Environmental Management. Because we like to take responsibility in all that we do, from guaranteeing the quality of our leads to minimising our impact on local surroundings, it’s something that means a lot to everyone here.

Don’t let the exhilarating name put you off, have a look at what it means:

“The ISO 14001 is a family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations (a) minimize how their operations (processes, etc.) negatively affect the environment (i.e., cause adverse changes to air, water, or land); comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements, and continually improve in the above.”

LMG ISO 14001 accreditation
LMG ISO 14001 accreditation

The last thing we want to do is be detrimental to anything or to anyone – whether that’s our clients, customers, neighbours or local plants. This principle is something that is reflected throughout every aspect of what we do.

So when you come to work with us (and we hope that you do) you can rest assured that we’re a world apart from the kind of business who sees its environmental impact as something to be ignored.

We’re one of the good guys.