How To Nurture Your Leads – The Ultimate Conversion Tool

Acquiring a hot lead is how the journey starts, not how it ends

This post will explain the concept of Lead Nurturing and how to harness its power to help grow your business. Our structured process will show you how to turn red-hot leads into lifetime customers – maximising your sales and expanding your consumer database.

Build a relationship with consumers through Lead Nurturing
Build a relationship with consumers through Lead Nurturing

In the Beginning

Lead Nurturing is about building relationships with interested consumers by email.

The majority of leads or subscribers you receive through your chosen channels will not be ready to buy from you immediately. Many will take some gentle persuading before they take the final step of purchasing from you.

This post will explain how you do just that…

Step 1: Cement their ATTENTION

Your leads have expressed a genuine curiosity in your product, now it’s your turn to show an interest in them. Timing and content are crucial – don’t wait around but send them an email on the same day you receive their details.

DOs: Introduce your brand officially and explain how you can benefit them. Give them a product overview but don’t go into too much detail about individual products just yet. Be conversational and friendly, making sure you thank them for their interest. Present a variety of ways in which to engage with you, such as through social media or by email. Above all, be proactive in your approaches.

DON’Ts: Don’t spam them – send only one email and make sure it doesn’t have any screaming Call To Actions or offers. You need to earn their trust before you start marketing to them directly, discounts and obvious sales pitches won’t work with the majority of your leads at this stage. Above all, don’t wait too long before receiving your leads or you risk losing out on the interest they’ve shown.

Step 2: Arouse their CURIOSITY

Give your leads a few days to engage with you and visit your website – let them explore without interruptions or further nudging. Next you can start talking more about your individual products and their features.

DOs: Be creative, unique and interesting about what your products offer and how they can BENEFIT your leads. Explain why you’re better than your competitors, whet their appetite and make yourself memorable. Be patient; don’t be tempted to rush ahead of the process.

DON’Ts: Remember that you should still hold back on sending MASSIVE SAVINGS, HUGE DISCOUNTS and other such offers. Don’t forget to include the unsubscribe link in your email too – some leads may have reconsidered or found you’re not quite what they were looking for. Don’t be disheartened by a few unsubscribes.

Step 3, 4 and MORE…

…in the next post.

Next week we’ll tell you how to make the sale, continue the process, tailor it to your business and other useful, insider tips you just can’t do without.