The Final Lead Nurturing Step: How To Convert Your Leads


Finishing your lead nurturing Journey

If you read our post last week, you’ll already know the basics of Lead Nurturing and why building relationships with potential customers is essential to the success of any business.

Creating a Lead Nurturing process that works for your business takes time, testing and patience. Our structured process will help you avoid the common pitfalls and make the most out of every lead you receive – helping you make more sales and enjoy repeat business with less of the fuss.

Convert your leads into customers
How to build strong relationships with consumers to enjoy repeat business from lifetime customers

If you haven’t read our first post, go back and have a look – stories always make more sense when told from the beginning. But here’s a quick recap:

  • The consumer has expressed an INTEREST
  • You acknowledge that interest and CEMENT THEIR ATTENTION
  • Once you have them engaged you’ve AROUSED THEIR CURIOSITY

Step 3: Encourage their DESIRE

The time it takes you to get to this stage depends on the nature of what you offer. Building trust take varying lengths of time and is intrinsically related to what it is you sell. Once you have contacted your leads sufficiently and allowed them enough free time to explore your business and engage with you through relevant channels, these leads are as ready to buy from you as they’ll ever be!

So make your move.

DOs: Show off! Flaunt your product as appetisingly as possible. This is the time to tantalise your leads with special offers, first-time discounts and whatever other savings you have to offer. Make it as easy as possible for them to buy – use appealing emails with large, clickable links to products.

DON’Ts: Don’t lose steam or repeat any of your previous content. You want your leads to feel as though this is the culmination of a natural journey – so be wary of sending emails they’ve already seen.

Step 4: Maintain their LOYALTY

 Congratulations! By now you should be enjoying the sweet rewards of a sale well made. Time to relax? Not a chance. Many people think this is the end of the line, and that leads will mysteriously make the transition into lifetime customers automatically. These new customers are highly likely to buy from you again and again, but only if you show your appreciation by making sure they’re satisfied with what they bought.

DOs: Ask for feedback, send a thank you email and make sure you STAY IN TOUCH. Nobody likes a friend who disappears from the face of the Earth, so don’t be that friend.

DON’Ts: Make sure your leads aren’t forgotten or they’ll forget about you. Some leads might not be happy, so be sure to take any complaints seriously and deal with them efficiently. Whatever you do DON’T CEASE ALL CONTACT.

The golden rule is this:

Your Lead Nurturing process will never end. But handled correctly, neither will your sales.